Scrum for Professionals

Scrum@school for professionals was developed at the request of schools. Teachers who notice how effective Scrum@school is for their students, wondered if Scrum could also be valuable for their own work.



Learning to Scrum goes together with scrumming your own project and delivering concrete results.

  • Foundation session gives insight into Scrum: theory & practice.
  • In the Story-map session, the team creates their own Story-map, leading to a prioritised list of work to do.
  • During the Planning session, the team starts its own Scrum; the roles are clear, the Scrum board is arranged and the first Sprint is planned.
  • Coaching on the job on the end/beginning days of the Sprint ensures that the Scrum process gets off to a good start.



Teachers and Professionals who want to improve their way of working at Schools.



Two consecutive days and a follow-up day. Further coaching on demand.